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Power Supply and plate configuration
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RE: Power Supply and plate configuration
Brilliant thanks so much Mike .. Few more questions if you dont mind . I have a 330d 2002 BMW what would be the best LPM for this car. Also Why can I not just connect the device to the battery directly and the HHO to the air intake why are things like PWM's and all the other electronic stuff necessary ?

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(12-09-2013 03:48 PM)mike Wrote:  Use a battery with the battery charger. You need the battery to stabilize what the battery charger puts out. Any cell will do poorly with just the charger. It can even be a small 12 volt motorcycle battery. It will make a huge difference. It's really just being a big capacitor in this case.

2 neutral plates is really not going to be very efficient. 5 neutral plates for 12 volts and 11 neutral plates for 24 volt systems has been found to be the most efficient. That is due to the voltage at which water will break down. Higher voltage between plates will waste too much energy making heat.

Nothing wrong with bicarbonate, except it doesn't last very long. It breaks down. Use KOH or NaOH. You can get them online at
12-09-2013 11:05 PM
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