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Pre-charging of water for electrolysis?
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Pre-charging of water for electrolysis?
Hi all. I saw a site (can't seem to find it right now) that talked about the Joe Cell, and they mentioned that some experiments were done with pre-charging the electrolyte by passing the water through a fine dripper ajacent to a ring of magnets with a powerful + charge. The theory was that water in it's natural state is not universally charged, some molecules are +ve charged and some are -ve charged, and they continually change due to the convection and other movement of the water.

The idea was that if a powerful magnet is placed near the outlet of a dripper (in this case the +ve pole), the +ve charged molecules will be pushed away, leaving the -ve charged molecules to escape the dripper.

They mentioned that the production of HHO is enhanced because some of the work of unbalancing the molecules to split them is already done, and so less current is needed to electrolyze the water.

Anyone else heard of this? Anything to report re results?

Cheers all.
07-15-2008 09:37 PM
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