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Hey everyone, I've been reading the forum as much as possible and talking to a friend who has this set up, so I decided to try it out. I have a 92 honda Accord, with the fiberglass core set up. Where the wire is wrapped in a coil.

Anyways, I know its making gas cause I can see the bubbles. i think I used too much baking soda the first time cause I melted the fiberglass and had to make a new one, so this time I used 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking soda, and it done fine so far. I have the hose running into my intake right after the air filter. And I was told I didn't need to run another hose or T the hose to another vacuum line because it didn't make much of a difference on my type of car. But I've been running this on my car for 2 tanks of gas now and I see no difference. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any advice.
10-31-2008 05:14 AM
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RE: Problem/Question
First of all cells made with SS wire and soda are a nice science fair project, but the soda will rust it out and the wire doesn't have enough surface area to do much. Also this cell isn't very efficient since you have 12+ volts between the wires, far more than the recommended voltage which should be 2.5 volts or less. Your cell is probably better suited for warming your morning coffee.

Also bear in mind, if you're using the wire type, you have to limit your current to what the wire size in your cell can handle, which I'm guessing is about 5 - 7 amps. Make sure you have an ammeter so you can monitor this and a fuse to keep from having a fire.

Personally, if you're trying to build a low cost, entry level cell, I'd go with SS switch plates instead of the wire and ditch the baking soda.

See this thread for a better design:


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10-31-2008 07:38 AM
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