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RE: 4 Months and NOTHING!!
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The Ryan Man Offline

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RE: 4 Months and NOTHING!!
I have been working on an HHO system with a friend of mine for 4 monhs. We have made five different units and have installed and tested them on a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer with a 2.0 liter engine that gets 32 MPG on average.

We have had only one good result early in the process on a 25 mile loop where we got 44 MPG and have never been able to replicate it. In fact all tests after that point have given us no impact in MPG or negative impact on MPG.

The unit that provided any results was a 7 plate (Home Depot wall plates) configuration (+NN-NN+) that pulled 14 amps. The amps went up during the next 100 mile test to 22 amps and blew the fuse. Early on in the process and no gas output figues (much to my shame).

I built a second unit with larger plates I cut by hand and placed inside a water filter container that pulled 18 amps and produced 1 Liter of gas in 64 seconds. This produced MPG at 18 and threw a O2 sensor code at mile 44.

The third unit is two sets of smaller plates (same config) in a Wal-Mart plastic container that pulled 6 amps and 220 ml/min with 330 mile test giving us 30 MPG.

The Plan from here is to go back and install the larger plate cell but with a limiter on the amount of amps that can be pulled to the unit and start at 12 amps and measure gas output and work our way up the ladder until we hit the "sweet spot".

I was hoping to get any thoughts or advice with this size motor on what might be the best place to start. My friend and I are both committed to make this work but are hoping to get some positive results sooner rather than later and could use some ideas. Thanks in advance for your help.

06-27-2008 10:21 AM
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colchiro Offline

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RE: RE: 4 Months and NOTHING!!
You have room for more neutrals (+ N N N N - N N N N +) ?

That should run cooler.

Or have two cells (separate containers) connected in series?
(+ N N - N N +) is better suited for 6 volts.


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06-27-2008 10:45 AM
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a3holerman Offline

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RE: RE: 4 Months and NOTHING!!

I too would be somewhat depressed after all that work. I am working on 2 smacks type gens but have not yet been satified with the heating issue so have not installed one yet. The code "44" is probably a O2 thing..away from home now... I would suggest perhaps a EIFI device might be in order. They can be had for as little as $30 or there is one available here....I have the one from this website. The theory is the excess O2 created causes the O2 sensor to detect a lean condition and adds more fuel thus negating the more complete burn caused by the hydroxy mixture.
There is enough fairly well doccomented accounts of this process working.

Good luck,

Cape Cod
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06-27-2008 10:56 AM
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steelerfan89 Offline

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RE: RE: 4 Months and NOTHING!!
Your symptoms sound like the missing efie. When I first read about HHO at water4gas they said w/o efie and or MAP or MAF enhancer you might get initial gains but then the cars computer would kick into 'limp home mode' and use more gas

You need EFIE and maybe a map or maf sensor enhancer

as for the code...there are sites that say they can tell u what the code number means

P0044....HO2S Heater Control Circuit High (Bank 1 Sensor 3)
06-27-2008 12:32 PM
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