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I have been following many threads and forums on the HHO process and want desperately to believe it is true. I am one of these people that needs clear and definite proof that this works before I try it. It seems simple enough to me to be able to test this and end the naysayers mission to undermine and disprove this process. I have some questions that I need answered if anyone would humor me.

1. Has anyone that is claiming success ever taken their vehicle to be tested in a nuetral environement removing most variables by placing their vehicle on a dyno. I woukd think this would give the most accurate readings eliminating variables such as driving habits and driving conditions?

2. Would anyone out there be willing to do that?

3. If in fact this technology works I would think this could revolutionize the energy crisis we are in. Would it not make sense to prove this technology and benefit the entire world?

4. I really cannot figure this out. With all of my efforts I cannot seem to get the naysayers to step up and actually prove it does not work. So I guess I am going the other direction now. Would any of the pro HHO activists be willing to step up and verify this? To make it valid it should be done on a dyno removing all variables. Or better yet it should be done on a carbed vehicle to remove the skeptics doubts that the only reason of improved mileage is due to messing witk the EFI and running the vehicle too lean.

Surely someone out there believes strongly enough in this technology
to step up and prove its validity. If this could be done [Which almost seems too easy] myself and the rest of the world would be lined up to do the same.

Anyone please! Anyone?
07-24-2008 10:32 AM
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