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Smacks booster test results...
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Smacks booster test results...
Tested on a 7KW generator, with no results. The fuel cell was drawing 17-20 amps and about 13.8 volts, but the volume of gas is not enough to effect generator fuel economy. It bubbles away nicely, and the soapy bubbles are VERY explosive...just not enough of it. A gallon milk jug (filled with soapy HHO bubbles) when ignited WILL break windows! A very nice party favor, but not enough to help a 390 cc engine. Any questions? I would like to see proof that PWM works to boost production.
BTW the 7kw genny uses 1 oz of gas a minute...assuming fuel/air ratio of 14.7 to 1, the fuel cell would need to put out about 4.7 cubic feet per minute to achieve the advertized 4% mix an engine will run on. A far cry from the 2lpm benchmark.
07-10-2008 10:38 PM
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