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Smooth Driver Fuel Saver
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Smooth Driver Fuel Saver
I have invented a completely new dashboard fuel saver Which I call the 'Smooth Driver' This is simple and very effective. In order to see it in action look on YouTube - just enter 'Mark 11 Smooth Driver Fuel Saver' into google or YouTube.
I would be interested to have comments or to explain details.
02-13-2013 08:11 AM
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RE: Smooth Driver Fuel Saver
Hi Ivanlaud.

I just watched your YT video demonstrating your 'Smooth Driver' meter.
It looks a neat little device which will certainly indicate when drivers deviate from the driving parameters that you describe.
However; I'm not sure that I agree that these guidelines offer the best fuel economy.

I remember a fuel-efficiency competition where competitors were challenged to drive for the longest distance on a given quantity of fuel.
Special lightweight, aerodynamic cars were built and they all drove the same way: powering up to speed and coasting.
All achieved amazing distances for the fuel use so I decided to try it with a regular vehicle on a regular road.

Here is a description of 'my' system which gives me 50% extra distance per litre:

The obvious way of saving fuel is to avoid driving a motorized vehicle (no engine; no fuel consumption) but of course we’re looking for ways of having our cake and eating it too.
This forum is bristling with neat ideas on how to drive gas-guzzlers and still economize on fuel (my personal favorite is the Hydrocarbon Crack System… but I digress).

Even having fitted a fuel-saving device to my motorcycle (fuel-injected 650cc Kawasaki) I still only got around 20-odd kilometers to the liter in town driving.
Out of town; this rose to above 30 KPL but that’s of little comfort as I do most of my driving in town.

The problem, as I see it, is that my motorcycle is just too powerful for inner-city driving (a bit like popping round to the shops in a Hummer) and I’m not about to exchange it for a 50cc moped.

The power is great for overtaking and short sprints between traffic lights but beyond that; its engine size is disproportionate to the task assigned to it.
So I started driving for fuel economy to see how much I could gain in town following these perceptions:

1. The engine uses fuel; so I use it as little as possible.
2. Higher gears are more fuel-efficient than lower gears (as long as some semblance of burn-efficiency is maintained) so I avoid low gears as much as possible.
3. Deliberately slowing down is a waste of momentum; so I try to avoid it.

I adopted a strategy of powering up to speed in as high a gear as I could maintain and then coasting for as long as I could and never applied the brakes unless absolutely necessary.

The speed that I power up to depends on the perceived available space in front of me and often requires forward thinking and fine judgment.
I only allow myself to coast to a stop when arriving at a red light or some other blockage.
Generally I coast for a while, boost my speed a bit, coast a while longer etc.
I regard braking as a measure of failure (except for safety reason).

My fuel consumption immediately went from 20 KPL to 30 KPL (my digital display can be set to display average fuel use in KPL).

The extra fuel economy is great and I don’t resent the compromises necessary in maintaining this driving strategy.
In fact; driving is often kind of boring and this is a welcome diversion.

I also have a family car (fuel injected Ford Escape + HCS) and I've started driving it this way too.
I drop the gear selector into neutral (to avoid engine-break) when coasting and back into ‘drive’ for the power-ups.
The car doesn’t have a note of the fuel use so it’s difficult to calculate fuel savings in the short term.
Based on the motorcycle results; It's most likely that I’m getting a similar proportion of fuel saving.


Download HCS Installation files.
04-09-2014 06:33 PM
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