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Hopefully this is acceptable material to post. I thought the people here should be aware of the attitudes of Summerbeemeadow when they make their next LYE purchase.

BTW, i had to send this via an alternate address because they blocked my normal email address as a result of my paypal dispute.


I decided to re-send this using an alternate address. Your company has some serious customer service issues. I cannot put into words how aggervated i am with the whole experience dealing with your company.

-------------------------Original Message----------------------

To Whom It May Concern:

I apologize for overlooking the limited availability disclaimer posted on your site. Although you claim it is posted over 100 times on your site, it is quite easy to overlook the ONE place it is posted next to the product I sought. Typically when a product is backordered it is present on the shopping cart or final invoice. In this case it was not so I expected normal delivery times.

I can see your frustration in the nature of your response, and it seems you have gone through a great ordeal in the increased demand for this product and I sympathize. I must say however your actions are very excessive. You have made allegations that I am impatient and would be unwilling to “wait my turn”. This is completely inaccurate. If I had known the items were backordered I would happily wait my turn.

My paypal dispute was as a result of:

1. Expecting a normal delivery waiting period.

2. sending 2 emails that were not responded to

It was merely a precaution. Did you receive the voicemail I left 10 minutes prior to filing the dispute?? Did I sound angry or impatient at all?? No, I didn’t, I just wanted to speak with someone and determine the status. I stated, ”once I speak with someone and determine the status of the order I would be happy to retract the dispute”. Paypal only gives buyers a 60 day window and I thought it would be foolish on my part to wait any further without contact.

To prevent future issues and save yourselves a lot of grief I suggest including the backorder information in the invoice and order confirmation.

You seem to have a vendetta against “the hydroxy people”. Why?? We are purchasing your product…. It hurts everyone when a company acts the way you do, I have lost 3 weeks time in my project and you have lost a customer. Good business strategy.

Chris Iversen

-----Original Message-----
From: Summer Bee Meadow []
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2009 10:35 PM
Subject: Re: Summer Bee Meadow - PayPal Case ID #PP-632-519-184

Chris Iversen

Re: Your disputation regarding your order from Summer Bee Meadow.
PayPal Case ID #PP-632-519-184

Kindly read the below for explanation and context:

Our website clearly links in red to our "shipping policy, etc" statement at at least two places on every sales-related page. This statement includes an explanation of contacts expectations as follows:

Normal order contacts will consist of:

· Online and emailed acknowledgment of receipt of your order and online payment (automatic email response).

· Emailed acknowledgment of receipt of your completed 'lye release' online form, if needed (automatic email response).

· Emailed acknowledgment of receipt of your payment if not paid at time of order entry (ie: mailed payment).

· Email from UPS Quantum View with tracking information when UPS shipping label is generated (automatic email).

· Email from us when your package is out for shipment pickup.

· Emailed "exception" update from UPS Quantum View if your package is rescheduled, etc while in transit (automatic email).

We feel that these communications are quite adequate for normally processed orders. Therefore, to ensure adequate time for timely order packing and shipping of all orders, we may not be able to answer early order status inquiry emails received after order payment date. Please note that if you send an early status inquiry and it goes unanswered, it is not due to lack of concern on our part, but is instead a matter of reserving proper attention for all orders in process, including yours.

In addition, there are many (over a hundred) individual bright yellow and red links at each and every item listing (and a most prominent link right on our site's index page) inviting one to read an explanation of our shipping policy and how it specifically differs in expectations regarding potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide containing orders and reasons for same:

"Inventory Controlled " items are guaranteed to be shipped within 72 hours* of payment date or they will be refunded in full. Note that almost all of our product items are "Inventory Controlled ", with the exception of Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide, which are not presently "Inventory Controlled " as they are very high-demand, limited availability items.
*excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Non "Inventory Controlled " items orders will be accepted, but will be back-ordered if not sufficiently in-stock at time of purchase. Orders containing any non "Inventory Controlled " items that are back-ordered will ship in their entirety as soon as all items in the order are in stock (partial orders will not ship). Please be aware of this. This is a term of sale for non "Inventory Controlled " items.

During the latter part of 2008, Summer Bee Meadow experienced a massive inflow of orders for hydroxide chemicals from members of online automotive interest groups ('Hydroxy'- making fuel from water...). We received well over a thousand unanticipated orders, creating long delays in order fulfillments. As we felt this to be not fair to our ten year's established customer base, we effectively suspended all other activities while we struggled with the car guys' onslaught. Introducing "Inventory Controlled " item specifications now allows us to re-establish quick fulfillment responses for our traditional soapmaking customers while still processing hydroxide chemical orders for the car enthusiasts who wish to order - with any delays caused by their massive order flow being held separate from our regular soapmakers' orders flow.

We had also sent an email to over 3,000 prior customers and inquirers at the end of 2008 explaining:

These changes are to correct the mayhem that was gifted to us by well over a thousand unanticipated orders from "Hydroxy" (generating fuel gases from water) auto interest group members.

Orders for sodium and potassium hydroxide absolutely overwhelmed us for several months. Add a fairly serious road accident injury and needless to say, these recent months 'ain't been no fun'!

Please note that hydroxide chemicals have been and will be back-ordered as necessary when demand rises excessively. We do not discourage anyone from ordering hydroxide chemicals at this time, though. In fact, we encourage that you do so to 'reserve your place in line' and to ensure that you will have it when you need it later.

[Please understand that hydroxide chemicals orders are considerably backed up at present and be prepared to wait gracefully]

All other ("inventory controlled") items will be able to be purchased normally and will be shipped promptly, without being affected by any hydroxide chemicals backlogs.

In fact, the flow of hydroxide chemicals orders has been reduced to a manageable level and will be shipped as promptly as anything else ordered as soon as the already-placed backlog is fully dealt with, so we expect this problem to finish taking care of itself soon.

Note that we did not curtail hydroxide sales and we must continue to offer NaOH and KOH products for sale as these are absolutely vital ingredients in soapmaking - which is our "raison d'être", after all. To have ceased or suspended sales of NaOH and KOH would have been to allow the "hydroxy" people to effectively shut down our ten years' established soapmakers' business.

In the interim, orders for hydroxide chemicals are sent 'each in their turn' in order of date order was placed. To be fair to everyone else, we cannot give priority to anyone based on their insistence, alone. It is evident that despite our having clearly explained the terms that you agreed to regarding back ordering, you are not likely to wait your turn gracefully. As you have chosen to file a dispute or complaint with PayPal, we have chosen to cancel and refund your order.

-Summer Bee Meadow
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02-09-2009 09:23 PM
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RE: SummerBeeMeadow
I tweaked your email address. You probably already get enough spam.Wink


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02-10-2009 01:08 AM
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