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The Big Benefits Of HHO Conversion Kits.
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The Big Benefits Of HHO Conversion Kits.
Everyone has heard about the HHO conversion kit frenzy. These kits, also known as "run your car on water" kits, let you enhance your car's power with water. Instead of using solely gasoline, your car also burns HHO gas, a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, to create a clean energy source to power your car. These kits bring many benefits with them: to you, to your car, and to the environment.
The most important benefit, to you, is saving literally hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in gas spend. Oil prices recently crossed 125 dollars per barrel, and all experts agree that this trend is going to continue. Running your car on water using HHO conversion kits will allow your car to use water along with gasoline to produce the same power, thus reducing the number of gallons of fossil fuel your car consumes. This decrease in fuel consumption translates into less visits to the gas station and less spending for gasoline.
Your car benefits as well. You may be surprised to know, but car engines are not built well. Their efficiency is just below 20%, meaning that over 80% of the energy that the engine produces turns to heat and pollution. Besides the fact that you burn 80% of your money when you drive, this pollution, which is made of unburned fuel and other remainders, ruins the engine and shortens its life. When you use an HHO conversion kit you actually also clean up your engine. This means that your car benefits with a cleaner engine and you benefit with less visits to the repair shop.

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12-20-2009 08:48 PM
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