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Trouble Logging In, Or Resetting Password
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Trouble Logging In, Or Resetting Password
I've had a number of people that have written in, having trouble resetting their passwords for the forum. I've finally figured out the problem. Note, that your spam filter needs to allow emails from and if you're not getting any emails from us, then that will need to be fixed before the following steps will help you. This remedy is for people who are receiving the password reset email from us, but are unable to successfully log in with it:

The Problem
To find out what people were having trouble with, I reset my own password. I went to the log in screen, pressed "Lost Your Password?" and followed the directions. An email was sent to me by the forum. In that email is a link that you click, and once you click that link, an email will be sent to you with your new password.

I got the email, and the new password generated for me is gibberish: ZeWlIr8W. I can't recall that to type it in, so I double clicked on it, to highlight the text and then copied it. Then I pasted it into the password field of my log in screen. I was then told the username/password combination was incorrect and that I had 4 more tries to log in.

I was able to analyze the problem to being a Windows error (imagine that!). When you double click on the new password to highlight it, windows is adding a carriage return to the string. So when you paste it into the password box, it's adding this extra character that's causing the password to be rejected.

The Solution
There are a few ways to avoid this problem. Try one of the following three remedies:
  1. Simplest is to just type in the password.
  2. Copy and Paste the string into the password box the way you have done before, but then put your cursor at the end of the string in the password box and hit the backspace key once to delete the last character in the string.
  3. Execute the following steps:
    • Open Notepad or another text editor.
    • Paste the password into the text editor.
    • Double click on the password in the text editor.
    • Paste the password into the password box at the log in screen.

This should solve the trouble that some forum users have had in logging in after resetting their passwords. The only other point you have have to watch out for is that you don't have spam blocking software that is filtering out the emails being sent from

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