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Tuning For Mileage - CTS
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Tuning For Mileage - CTS
In the document listed in the title, there is a discussion about 'tuning' the various sensors that monitor you engine parameters and supply that data to your CPU. These parameters inform you CPU so it can adjust your AFR to maintain stochio.

( is that document still posted on this forum I can't seem to find it )

One of the sensors discussed is the CTS-coolant temperature sensor. For my vehicle (Isuzu Trooper) and likely most GM products, the CT sensor resistance is very near zero ohms when the vehicle is at operating temperature (~190deg).

This info is available in the tech manual for the vehicle.

Any resistance put in parallel with this (0 ohms) is going to have no effect on the overall resistance. What this means.....there is NO need to mess with the CT sensor when deciding which parameters to 'tune' for better mileage.

You can check your IAT and CT sensor resistance values in your tech manual to see what they are at various temperatures, to see if modifying them will have any effect or not prior to 'tuning' them. It may save you some time and trouble.

In my case, it was not helpful to modify the CT sensor.
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