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Vaporizer & Condensator
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Vaporizer & Condensator
I have a 97 Accord, 2.2L VTEC engine with 161K miles on it. I didn't know that I was "blowing oil" until I installed The Condensator on it. So I am thinking that most drivers will not know if their vehicle is "blowing" or not. It seems to me that by sourcing the air from the PCV line, if there is "oil" in the line or vapors that are "heavy", it will also mean that I will not be able to vaporize the fuel like I could if that air were clean.
I have a fairly efficient car in terms of mileage, 30-33MPG on freeway. So I am not sure just how much more I can get with the vaporizer, but I have already seen that with the clean air sourced after The Condensator, I can vaporize better. I now have the system run from the PCV to The Condensator to the vaporizer to the manifold intake. I am also thinking that the PC Valve gives me a constant air flow, not in sync with the engine demand. So what if one were to source the air intake for the vaporizer by inserting/drilling a nipple just before the throttle body. It seems that would inject vapors in direct proportion to demand.
So that means The Condensator is hooked into the PCV and out to the manifold intake. The vaporizer sources its air from after The Condensator and injects the vapor into the nipple on the Throttle Body. What do you think? Both systems are basically separate.
For you with newer cars, you wouldn't have to worry about "oil blowby".
05-24-2013 09:38 PM
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