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Vaporizer system smog tested
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Vaporizer system smog tested
I think the attachment made it-
I got smog tested to see what the readouts would be with my Vaporizer 2000.
First- I did a manual test, no load- no dyno, at 2 different RPMs, then I did a pre-test smog test using the same vaporizer settings. Below are the results.
The manual test allowed me to modify the setting in real time while the pre-test only gave the numbers at the end of the test. I couldn't modify that test. My freeway mileage went from 20-25mpg. I will do more testing at the same setting. Also, the EFIE was off as I will test that on my own for best mileage and then get a second pre-test to see the numbers. As you can see, the higher the mileage, the higher the numbers on load. While I was just idleing the teck said my no-load numbers met the 09 specs. I just tried to find the best numbers on no-load and then used them to test on load.
The interesting thing is that while I would have passed on numbers, he would have failed me on the mods. He had me down for 5 mods.
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10-09-2008 02:15 PM
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RE: Vaporizer system smog tested
If memory serves me, President Bush signed into Federal Law that you ARE allowed to convert your vehicle into a Hybrid, and IRS provides a tax credit for some vehicles to boot!

The only State I know of that could fail you would be California because your gasoline vehicle MUST have some measurable emissions, within their mandates.

I would have simply turned off my system and put the vacuum line back where it was just to pass. He can't fail you for something just sitting under the hood.
06-10-2009 04:36 PM
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