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Volo chips
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belangers Offline

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RE: Volo chips
I'm extremely happy to be here posting my replies, comments and results with my HHO system. We could eliminate the skepticism and BS by keeping our HHO and fuel saving community away from the press and the online Youtube idiots that only wish to bash and destroy our hard work and dreams.

I have come up with a very efficient device that is giving my car some astounding results. I am using HHO, but, in a different way, so, I could tell you all the reason why I am getting great results. First and foremost if my Volo that is built for HHO use. This product certainly works but may take a couple of resets to work correctly.

Second, the best release of a higher concentration of Hydrogen with a normal dry cell or wet cell is the make 100% sure your ratio of the gases is broken down into the correct percentage of hydrogen and oxygen. This is simple to do, and I have found that by using the same amount of negative plates as we have Hydrogen atoms, opposed to the amount of Oxygen and positive plate, which should be one for +, and 2 for -. Do not listen to the wrong posts online or websites that tell you positive make hydrogen, because you will have opposite results. Negative plates make only Hydrogen, so, we will need to be sure you have double the negative plates as you do positive. It is beneficial to prove this to you by having you test the results by popping a balloon to see the difference between a 1:1 plate ratio, and a 2:1 plate ratio. The result differences are amazing.

The flash speed is much much faster, and the intensity is about 10 fold. This could also be increased again by exciting the fuel. This can be done by building an electron stripper, as Stanley Meyer has done, or, by simply taking a copper tube and winding it around a heat sink made of copper which would be bolted to your vehicle's exhaust. Please be sure to flare the end of the lines for good sealing and do not wrap the tubing around the exhaust. Optimum temperature should max out at 250 degrees F.

This expands the molecules and makes them 10 times more explosive, even though we have already increased the power of our gas with the stoichiometric ratio balancing with the plates, additional excitation can happen with heat, but, we must inject the heated gas in a warm spot, or closest to the intake, split into the different ports equally. Once the HHO injects this way, you will notice massive gains.

I have found that 1/2 lpm on my 2009 G6 with 2.2 liter engine is getting 38 MPG in the city babying it, and 58 MPG on the highway, same thing, babying it.

I use a 3 plate dry cell with KOH, an air dryer, gas warmer, and electron stripper made from 660nm red 10 watt LED's, built from a Bell & Howell portable air purifier (Electric style 110 volt unit)

I use my own Buck Converter to make 5 volts DC Pulsed, at 110 kHZ powered by a PWM.

I am seeing that my car is actually coasting much faster down hills because of the high quality hho, and the important part is that I keep resetting my Volo every 2-3 days to modifiy for the efficiency changes or weather changes, barometric changes, or humidity changes, which all make huge differences on a daily basis. I have seen up to 50 mpg in the city and 89 mpg on the highway on occasion, but, it is normal to see 38/58 daily keeping the rpms below 2k, and averaging 1800 rpms if possible. It isn't easy to go up hills like this, but, the babying nets the results I am seeing. Good luck with your builds. Keep the cell cool with lower voltages and higher amperages with the buck converter!

Thanks for reading!
10-20-2014 04:52 AM
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johnoxford Offline

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RE: Volo chips
Tried 3 different Volo chips with no success. Sorry that I had to spend so much money to find out.
12-23-2014 08:21 AM
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