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Water4gas results beat us.... still...
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Water4gas results beat us.... still...
Here's the story...

Several months back (June) me & my HHO friends were surprised to see someone capitalizing on the water4gas system and managed to sell & install about close to 100 vehicles...
Eventually, we were not surprised that most if not all of them returned since the guy had a moneyback policy... and that's another story, long story short;

The most interesting part is that for the vehicles that had results and savings were unbelievable and we are nowhere near them... i.e.

1. Pajero 2.5L Carburetor (Petrol)
Before: 6.70KM/Litre
After: 44.44KM/Litre
Extra Mileage: 563.28%
Fuel Saving: 84.83%

2. Kia Pregio 2.3L (Diesel)
Before: 9.90KM/Litre
After : 53.19KM/Litre
Extra Mileage: 437.27%
Fuel Saving: 81.39%

3. Toyota Vios 1.5L EFI (Petrol)
Before: 15.75KM/Litre
After: 80.65KM/Litre
Extra Mileage: 412.06%
Fuel Saving: 80.47%

4. Alfa Romeo 146, 1.77L EFI (Petrol) (tested on distance of 105km)
Before: 8.96KM/Litre
After : 181.82KM/Litre
Extra Mileage: 1,929.24%
Fuel Saving: 95.07%

On average, we've read and heard of the other cars (including EFI & carbs) getting between 25% - 33% while the rest gets negative savings...since the unit went kaput before any tuning could be done.

The EFIE they used were a pulsing type (will be getting it this week) and the electolyte Baking Soda...

CrazyConfused I'm so puzzled at how these guys achieve these savings. I've even spoken to several owners that swears by the results up until the unit brokedown.Gasp

As we know, the unit heats up thus producing water vapour along with HHO which both help in fuel savings, and since the unit uses Baking Soda along comes CO2 and CO which mask the O2 gas somewhat... could this be the main factor?

I just don't get how a hot cell which could draw so much amp to melt fuses and wires while producing little gas beat the crap out of us???Sad

I'll just might experiment with a 5 cell unit running on Baking soda and see what happens...Hmm
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11-24-2008 07:14 PM
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