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What Petrochemical companies do not want you to know
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What Petrochemical companies do not want you to know
Due to the extensive period of time that I, Dr. Peter Mc Hendry have been involved with the many different types of fuel, for well over twenty years, I have developed or acquired technology that saves the use of fuel in vehicles.

I am sure you are aware that all Petrochemical fuel comes from the same oil well and these fuels are then manipulated in certain ways by adding additives and passing them through various filtration methods for the cleaning of the fuel.

Most Petrochemical Fuel Suppliers DO NOT want you or your organisation to save fuel costs as it affects their income and supply chain.

Dr. Peter Mc Hendry has developed amazing technology based on the above mentioned knowledge and has the knowledge and know how to ensure that all fuel acquired by your organisation is up to standard and also has no impurities, including water, in your fuel supplied to your organisation.

You will be very surprised to know what is in your fuel. Some aspects within the fuel are very damaging to your vehicles. Petrochemical fuel is very abrasive and is filtered down to twenty microns in most Fuel Depots and on the vehicle itself. Water extractors, Water Stops, Water Absorbers or Water removers are always applied within the Majors and should be applied in your home base depot and on your vehicle.

Have you ever checked what percentage of water is extracted? Interesting question.
Have you ever checked on the impurities that are removed from your fuel? And further what they consist of. You will be surprised.
12-08-2011 02:37 AM
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