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What is a hydrogen engine
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What is a hydrogen engine
Hello there
I have read many things on the internet about hydrogen as a fuel
Most all hot air; people patting them self on the back for copying and pasting someone ells work
All the marketing scams but no nuts and bolts
The only things I have found to be of any reference are related to hydrogen generators which I do not understand as its all in American
There is a lot of good info on the net about biodiesel WVO black diesel and alcoholic fuels ect. but nothing on hydrogen

It seams to be the case that a motor can run on part hydrogen and part hydro carbonated fuel and even pure hydrogen
But how is it done; can an ordinarily engine be converted to run on hydrogen and if so
1. dose the engine need to be a diesel or petrol
1.b and if its a petrol engine is the gas pumped through the carburetor
2.where is the hydrogen injected into
3. as the hydrogen is being produced on site how do you dictate the flow level in respects to you putting your foot on the throttle and saying this is how much power I want
4. what are the octane levels like for this fuel and what is the air to hydrogen mixture like
Dose it have to be precise like petrol

09-17-2012 06:28 PM
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