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Would LIKE to make a +change+ to my Subaru?
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Would LIKE to make a +change+ to my Subaru?

Whenever I say ANYTHING such as this at the Subaru Forum I visit, I seem ALWAYS to be met with "resistance" ... it was the same (worse!?!) at the MINI Cooper site I used to frequent when I owned my MINI, and also similar at the Ford Truck forum I used to go to when I owned that vehicle...usually something to the effect of;

"HOW DARE YOU COMPROMISE THE STOCK INTEGRITY OF THIS FINELY-CRAFTED (insert vehicle>_____<name/type/mfg here) VEHICLE???!!!??? YOU ARE A TRAITOR, AND A DISGRACE TO THE BRAND - GO BUY A ______"<insert competition brand(s) here) (???).

Anyway, here's my thought.

On my Subaru "AWD" vehicle, I drive around, "100% of the time", with a feature (AWD) that is only "needed" approximately 5-10% of the time - MAX. This, IMHO, is VERY MUCH a WASTE of fuel (gasoline, in this case).

I "think" (and so I was told by my car-salesman of almost 15 years ago), that by simply removing ONE FUSE, I "should" be able to render the car into a "2WD", front-wheel (ONLY) vehicle, which again, is all I need 90-95%+ of the time, hence, in theory, I should be able to SAVE GAS~!?!~

QUESTION: Would anyone happen to know: 1) If this is in fact, "True", and; 2) which fuse I might look to remove...please?

Any/all replies/responses welcomed.

Thanks in advance,
g . . .
01-04-2012 01:16 PM
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RE: Would LIKE to make a +change+ to my Subaru?
Depends on the trans and year of manufacture .. earlier auto subs ,had a fuse holder above the brake booster , RHDrive ,with a flip top , this was marked FWD or Diff Lock , when a fuse was put IN here , FWD shows on the dash and you were now in 2 wd . manuals were more permanant 4wd therefore no fuse holder ....Later subs moved the fuse holder to the main fuse box and was marked FWD on the lid .. Later again there wasn,t any wire connection to the base of the terminals in the fuse holder and this model was almost permanant 4wd , man and auto

Richard Auckland New Zealand
01-06-2012 08:06 PM
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