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Zero Amps
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FuzzzyJoe Offline

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Toungue Zero Amps
Greetings. Newbieee here, just put together my 1st dry cell kit.
13 plates +nnn-nnn+nnn-, has acrylic end plates, inside gaskets it's about 3" diameter. Have battery - fuse (25) - toggle switch - pwm - amp meter - generator.
Dry cell, resouvior, bubbler, 1-way valve, flash back arrester....
Using KOH. 3T : 2 qt steam distilled water.
First run, working fine!!! Tuned down to 10 amps, 8.5 v. Lots of bubbles.
After 1/2 hr, amps dropped a bit, to 8. Still lots of bubbles.
(I haven't gotten to flow meter stage yet)
After 3 hrs amps were 4. Bubbles very slight trickle.
after 8 hrs, amps zero. Bubbles zero. ???
Any idears?
03-15-2016 06:49 AM
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mike Offline
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RE: Zero Amps
More neutral plates. 5 is best. 4 is better. 3 is not enough. Then you'll need to add more KOH or NaOH. But your efficiency will be much better. If you only have the plates in that cell, then reconfigure it as -nnnn+nnnn- . However, if you have access to at least one more neutral plate, then the best config is -nnnnn+nnnnn- . Note, you can reverse + and - if you prefer.

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03-15-2016 11:17 AM
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