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Zero amps and then back
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RE: Zero amps and then back
(02-22-2018 01:58 AM)Farmer2 Wrote:  
(02-22-2018 12:42 AM)mike Wrote:  Possibly foam. Possibly the cell isn't getting refilled due to some kind of vapor lock. It's a mechanical thing. The cell plates aren't being covered with electrolyte so the cell can't draw amps. You'll need to find out why that is and handle.

I do not think so but I will check that out, you got me wondering if the check valve might be sticking............

Updates, Mike and I went through email and thought so this thread does not have an incomplete communication I would post them.

Me: Check valve was not sticking......
Hello again, I think maybe my flow problem is to much vacuum. I have it attached to manifold as stated in instructions. It's caving in the bottle! Can I go before the throttle body and pull through that or does it need to be under a vacuum to get in? Also in USA measure, what is the amount of water to hho? Thanks, Dave

Mike: Vacuum is not needed. Yes, you can go anywhere on the air filter housing. Let me know if that resolves the situation for you.

Best Regards,


Me: Ok, I first moved the outlet gas hose from the vacuum port to the new made hole in my intake hose before the throttle body. That did nothing to start the generator. I found out how to get it to work and there was no foaming. I primed the bottom port in the main reservoir with a turkey baster and nothing but liquid came out the outlet in the reservoir. I then thought it had to be the PWM so I looked at all the settings and all were good and set at 10 amps. Not until I played with the frequency and went from 500 to 601 that it finally started producing amps and the percentage dropped from 100% to 31% and my amps are holding at 10.

I could not find anywhere in the instructions on where a safe or good point setting is for the frequency. Is 601 a good number?

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02-25-2018 05:56 AM
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