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amount of H2 and O2 coming out- theory...and Post Bang
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RE: amount of H2 and O2 coming out- theory...and Post Bang
We know what happens inside an engine. The addition of HHO or H2 does not change that process. It will only enhance it due to the faster burn rate and temp of hydrogen. But what is mostly assumption by process of elimination is the effect of the O2 in HHO. See in a naturally aspirated (carburetor) car or engine HHO works great. You can re-jet and adjust air fuel mixtures and get gains. Problem is with computer controlled cars. The bottom line is to replace a portion of the gasoline used with hydrogen and save expensive gasoline.

So what makes the computer controlled car more difficult. It uses sensors to control fuel ratio. The O2 sensor measures the oxygen content of the exhaust as well as temp. This generates a voltage signal to the computer. The MAP sensor watches for engine load. By monitoring the intake pressure. Based on this pressure reading it generates a voltage signal to the computer. With these signals the computer analyses the signals and sets the duration the injectors will fire. Controlling the air/fuel ratio. Since and engine does not "see" hydrogen then it is only assumed that it sees the extra O2. Which through testing with electronic enhancers has shown. But for a true test one needs access to and emissions machine. To analyze the exhaust gases. Not many of use have that ability. In fact the majority don't.

The problem lies in that the computers have a safety in them to allow them to go closed loop if sensors are messed with or are not functioning. That is why enhancers do not work all the time.

So in theory when we replace gasoline with hydrogen, we do not need any extra oxygen. Because the engine takes in plenty already. The real problem lies in getting enough hydrogen to the engine to accomplish this. With HHO you have the added oxygen, so with the higher you go in HHO production, the more O2 there is to foul things up. That is why we here are working with H2 only. If enough H2 can be generated to make a difference in gasoline consumption without feeding in the extra O2 true gains should be realized. Few here have done this. But it has been done.
11-15-2008 08:53 AM
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