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back to basics
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back to basics
After spending a few months gathering information on HHO and it's use in the ICE. Here is an outline of how I will proceed with my experiements if you do not convience me otherwise ??

There have been so many claims and ideas brought forward on the internet that I think we should discuss the basics involved in the production of HHO/ Browns Gas.
The very simple E cell with only two electrodes does produce gas this we know for a fact, that nobody can dispute. The elaboratation of this basic devise is where we start an endless chain of possible designs that claim
to produce more HHO or to prevent overheating.
As far as I have understood these designs,lone produce anything different from the simple two electrode cell and that is the same
HHO which is feed into an engine TO ENHANCE the more complete combustion of the fossel fuel.
Disregarding the overheating in a simple cell, if it produces the same amount of HHO as the complicated designs, it should give us the same performance as the most elaborate devise made. Granted this cell will overheat if asked to produce as much gas as the complicated designs but, if it were size'ed
properly and the current draw controlled it should give the same performance. So this brings us back to controlling the power. Some time ago I proposed using an intermittened windshield wipper controll to interrupt the power provided thus lowering the heating. This would be a simple and long lasting devise that could solve the heating problem. Size'ng (sp?) the
electrodes and finding the proper electrolyte concentration should fall into place.
I welcome your comments
Good luck
06-09-2008 10:58 AM
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skiers4ever Offline

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RE: back to basics
Hi Chris, I just installed my unit several weeks ago so I'm no expert but I can tell you that the unit I have Hydro Super 2 is a fully-saturated unit with a separate reservoir/bubbler and stays warm but not hot. I guess the design makes it continually circulate the mix thus helping to dissipate the heat. I've touched it many times after using it for a while and it has never burnt's warm and so is the reservoir but not as hot as say my hot water out my tap. Hope this helps, John

2007 Honda Ridgeline 3.5L 4WD
Hydro Super 2 installed on 5/21/08
Colorado - 10,000 Feet!
06-09-2008 11:50 AM
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