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drawing to many amps/no more and heat
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drawing to many amps/no more and heat
Big GrinI may be on to something unless somone has already done it. I put a resistor between the continuase selinoide and the fuel cell. This is the type you find on some older dodge vehicles mounted on the fire wall. The resistore is ceramic and it takes the heat but only allows approx. 7 or 8 amps through to the cell and it works very good so far. I also tried a trick that someone did on this site to trick the o2 sensor by wraping it with tin foil. The sensor does'nt need to be tricked because it is a pree catalist sensor, so i was told today. Also using a 3/8 copper tubeing to go around the exhaust to heat the gasses before pipeing it into the intake. So far the car, a 1990 pontiac grand am is now running very nice and has a bit more power, most noticable when crusing, i have to let my foot off the throttle because it want's to creep up on the speedo. PS> In my bubbler, the bubbles are continues not one at a time. the tube is never with water in it.
07-10-2008 01:24 PM
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