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hello just did my install it was simple. But i read the info and know I am confussed? Is 200 mv lean and 450 rich? Know from what i read the efie adds volts to what your readings are ? So if i have it set at 200 mv it adds 425 mv to that number? So the ecu reads rich and lean
out the engine? Sorry if that post is confussing. 1993 ford probe. Thanks Bill
07-23-2008 10:55 AM
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RE: efie
When the EFIE is set to 200 mv, it adds 200mv to the oxygen sensor's voltage. This is leaner than the sensor by itself. But the sensor doesn't read just 200 mv or 450 mv. It's constantly changing, going as low as .1 volt and as high as 1.0 volts. It jumps from high to low and back again several times per second.

The EFIEs voltage is added to the sensor's voltage, and the more voltage you add from the EFIE the leaner the mix will be. Adding EFIE voltage makes the sensor's data seem richer to the ECU, so the ECU responds by leaning the mix.

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08-02-2008 01:25 AM
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