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low-end efie's? ok to use?
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low-end efie's? ok to use?
I have a fair amount of experience "tinkering" with cars, but I am a first-timer to HHO. Am planning to get my 1998 volvo turbo set up on HHO.(One thing i do NOT want,is to fail due to lack of results.)
i see a number of enhancers on ebay for what seems like a good price.

here are the digitals ($65 range at time of posting)

and here are some others in the $25 range:they LOOK neat,


and for the maf unit:

and here's one that requires assembly, but claims to "have it all"

now , please understand i am still new here. can i purchase the above units after generator installation and be good to go? $25-$35 each for a 02 efie and a maf efie doesn't seem too bad. please fill me in if i'm missing something. (like if for any reason the$80-$100 units are necessary?) Thanks alot, Manny
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04-27-2009 12:26 PM
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RE: low-end efie's? ok to use?
I suspect any or all of them may work (I did not check out the links), however they are based on old technology. Before purchasing, I'd suggest you check out Mike's new digital efie:


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04-27-2009 01:12 PM
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