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reposting a thread for help
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reposting a thread for help
This is my first time hooking up hho to my car so if a say something stupid then thats whySmile. I believe i installed the hho system correctly. I have that new dryer and cell combo here is the link( ) to see what i have.

I pretty much followed the electrical wire diagram to a t expect i wired every thing to be in the cab. So i started with the red wire coming from the generator going straight to the ammeter, easy! But the ammeter has two posts a negative and a positive. So i placed two wires on that post, one from the generator then one going to the relay. Did i do that right? Just to let you know i ran a negative wire from the battery to the cabin and i spliced all the connections that needed a ground to that wire. Is that okay?... Continuing from where i left off at the ammeter, i then took a negative wire and ran it from the ammeter and spliced it to the ground i ran from the battery. Is that okay? Now i take the service switch and wire a red wire to the relay positive post, now there are two red wires that are on the switch.

I got one wired to the relay and the other i spliced into the wire coming from the generator. I dont know how to read the diagrams i have been seeing diagrams thats say to wire that wire to the fuel pump relay or wiper motor i really don't know how to do that and i have seen no videos with my setup (my car or wiring everything in the cab) so i spliced that wire to the wire coming in the cabin. Is that okay? Please help me! I see instructions saying put this here but no pictures anywhere showing how to run a wire to a relay in the car so it can have a power source that cuts on only when the ignition is turned on.

Next I took the negative wire for the relay and i spliced it with the negative wire I have coming directly from the battery. Next i ran the red wire from the relay to the breaker. Then i ran the other posts red wire directly to the battery. Comments welcomed!Smile

I have a efie for my 4 cylinder honda accord 99, I believe i have hooked that up preety good i found the signal wire for the front and back oxygen sensors. The only problem is the red and green ligts stay on when i cut the car of and when im turning the knobs to lean the fuel. Let me tell you how i wired it. The sensor part of the wiring i think i got down pretty good, but its how i wired the power that worries me. I ran the power wire from the efie to the wire coming into the cab comming from the generator and the groung from the efie to the ground comming straight from the battery. If i was suppose to run that to a source that cuts on and off with the ignition, i made a mistake bc i thought it would be okay.

If i was wrong please give me a detailed way to hook it up to something that will cut it off when i cut off the car. I'm worried when i leave the car the efie and the hho system will still be running. Before i wrote this i unhooked the leads on the battery so nothing is getting power to it neither the efie or the generater circuit. But when i disconnected the leads and left the leads on that go to the battery that came with the car and tried to start it up. It would not turn over. You are my last resort, i am thinking about returning thee whole system. Please help me with the issues i am having!
04-23-2012 04:04 PM
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RE: reposting a thread for help
Glad you're moving forward with your project!

Let me offer guidance on three points:


1) On your wiring, trace it along like this...

It starts from the positive terminal of your battery and should run to the circuit breaker.
From the breaker it continues onto the Relay (tab #30) and then
it continues from the Relay (tab #87) and goes to the Amp gauge.

From the other side of the amp gauge it connects to the HHO generator cell.
Then the final wire runs from the cell to ground or the battery negative terminal.

(A note on the amp gauge, if the wires are reversed it's fine, but the needle will
point toward the minus side of the face. Just switch the connections if this happens.)


2) With regards to the 'ignition on' power source that activates the Relay, it's best
to locate the fuel pump relay and use that.

This only comes on when the engine is running, so finding the power wire and tapping
into it will provide 12 volts to activate the relay (and connects to tab #85)


3) Your EFIE's power should also be tied into the same circuit as the HHO system.

It's easy to connect the power lead (terminal #1 of the EFIE) anywhere along the
power supply to the HHO generator cell. You can connect at the relay or even at the
point the positive power wire reaches the cell.

The point is to only have power to the EFIE when the system in on and also has power.

Let me know if this helps.
I believe you can also contact your supplier for help at:
04-24-2012 09:23 AM
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