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results from using hhoinside your motor
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results from using hhoinside your motor
I have only a few posts on here, but have spent hour and hours reading, and experimenting with hho, from mason jars to Smacks boosters to currently dry cells, all have given me good results. The only setup I used baking soda in when was the mason jar setup, all the rest I used Roebic drain cleaner 100% lye. The current dry cell has been used on my 98 Monte Carlo, 3.1 motor with a volo chip showing an averge 7-8 mpg increase, using this since May 2010, over the weekend I did an intake gasket replacement, luckily I did, the throttle body was nasty with white crap, the inside of intake looked like mud in, I have two photos, has anyone else ever run into this? Can`t get the photos to attach right now
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01-25-2012 07:10 AM
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RE: results from using hhoinside your motor
Re photos: You just have to make them smaller. I think the limit is 100K.

We don't use bubblers anymore because virtually no modern, computer controlled car will backfire. However, we do use dryers. These are basically water traps that will catch any liquid electrolyte before it gets to the engine.

We use clear housings so that if you do get water, you can see it and empty it before it can possibly get to the engine. Also, if you're getting alot of electrolyte getting to your water trap, it means you need to improve your setup. You shouldn't have water in the water trap. Maybe you're filling the reservoir too full. Something like that.

But however you achieve it, you must make sure you're not getting KOH into the engine. It will play hell with the metal, and you can permanently damage your engine.

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02-02-2012 01:00 PM
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