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wide band oxygen sensors (cont)
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wide band oxygen sensors (cont)
mtthhrs Wrote:I put on a couple more miles tonight and filled up the tank. I travelled 161.2 miles put in 10.78 gallons= 14.95mpg. Usually I got around 13.5mpg for similar conditions. Not to much improvement but some. But I did get a check engine light after about 100miles. This is the diagnosis name I got, (Air fuel ratio (A/F) sensor 1 lean shift monitoring). This is the description (The output voltage computed by ECM from the A/F sensor 1 signal is shifted to the lean side for a specified period). The efie was set at about 350mv though.
Here's some more results the gas pump method was hard to be consistant with the small amount of gas as you can see. I used auterra dyno scan for my laptop too should calibrate it but didn't yet. Not sure how much I wanna trust dyno scan either.
(Trip 1: factory - 16.4 mpg dyno scan \ .875 gallons - 11.9 miles =13.6mpg)
(Trip 2: factory -16.0mpg dyno scan \ .764 gallons - 11.9 miles = 15.576mpg)
(Trip 3: hho efie 150mv - 15.9mpg dyno scan \ .816gallons - 11.9 miles = 14.583mpg)
(Trip 4: hho efie 280mv - 16.9mpg dyno scan \ .721gallons - 11.9 miles = 16.505mpg)
(Trip 4: hho efie 380mv - 17.2mpg dyno scan \ .732 gallons - 11.9 miles = 16.257mpg
I noticed to that on my dyno scan that my afr sensors were running at a little lower voltage than usually. Think my maf sensor might be offsetting it. So I disconnected my maf/iat sensor started the truck stopped it plugged it back in and reset the codes. Then the afr voltage on my scantool went back to normal for a while.
I think the reason I didn't gain more was one of these reasons or a combination (A: maf sensor worked against me) (B:incorrect efie voltage) (C:water4gas electrolyser I have two in a series) I still think I'm doing the right thing with the efie otherwise I didn't gain anything with the hho
I ordered a hyzor, efie and water injection manuals from eagle-research the beginning of June hopefully those'll come soon. If I change electrolysers I would like to build it myself.
What are your opinions?

I copied this PM from mtthhrs and brought it to the open forum. This is good work by him, and I want to make sure everyone has access to it.

My opinions are as follows: I think A, B, and C are all correct.

I would do the MAF handling from Tuning For Mileage at this point. I would probably buy a couple of pots and do the handling for the CTS and IAT as well.

After that's done you'll probably get better mileage, and also be able to turn up the EFIE some more and do better yet.

Then, if you build and install a HyZor, you should do much better.

In other words, I think you're on the right track. Keep going!

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