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Full Version: help on my HHO generator
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it now. i'm sorry to ask all of these questions but i'm new to this. if anybody has any HHO plans that would help me out i would be greatfull.i,m new on here and i have a couple of questions. I just built my first HHO generator last sunday. it works pretty good, here's my set up, i use a bigger square I'mharvest jar with a plastic lid. i use 4 long stainless steel bolts. on the lid i have it wired up +-+- and just air tube running into the jar for breathing purpose. and a fitting with hose going into the top of my breather, it's on a 1991 chevrolet truck fuel injection. i'm going to redo it with a regular size mason jar.
here's my question's I'v seen where people has a bubbler valve on the lid and one way valve on top. do i need to put them on or does it matter. and is a stainless coil(like on water4gas) better or is plate type system better.and another thing should i run my outlet tube into a vaccum on my multiport injection or through the top of the breather like i have
Lots of questions there. Firstly, plate systems have been chosen by most people who have tested and compared various systems. The production is usually better than anything else. The Water4Gas type wire systems, or washers, bolts etc. usually produce less gas than plate systems. I have built and tested 4 generators and the plate system I have now is the best of all. I am currently building a new cell, which is a sealed series cell, which I hope will be more than adequate.

Second. Vacuum breathing isn't really important. If you install the infeed tube into the air intake somewhere between the Airflow sensor (usually near the air filter housing) and the throttle body, you should not have too much vacuum but still have a good spot to feed the gas.

Third. A bubbler installed after the Hydrogen generator and the infeed is a must. Firstly it cleans the gas and extracts any electrolyte from it, which will help protect your engine. (You don't want lye in the motor, no matter how small the amount). Also a bubbler acts as a flash arrestor in case of a flash back. You should have some kind of blow-off valve that will release the pressure without nuking your bubbler.

Fourth. I assume you are referring the air intake from the air filter as the 'breather'. Some people choose to install the HHO tube to the vacuum hose, some to the air intake as described above, and some to both. It depends on your vehicle, and it isn't easy to find out what is best for yours. The air intake is usually the best place, at least to start.
Thanks.my fuel injection is like a carbuator with injesctors on top. multiport. so on top of the airfilter lid is where i have the hose. i seen alot of cars hho system hooked to a vacum line that's why i was wondering if i need to do that. and i'm thinking about switching to a two plate SS system instead of the 4 bolt design i have now, but i dont if it would be any better.
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