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Full Version: any luck on an S10
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I have 2 cells installed on a 2003 s-10 2.2L, not much luck so far, has anyone had success?
look at mindstrain.com he did an s-10
Do you have a efie or a enhancer on it.
I have an 00' with three cells wired in parallel . I just have in our case a MAF enhancer and have had just performance gains. I have had flowmaster exhaust piping. Once I switched the system on, within one minute she was purring. So quiet, that when I did some further inspecting of the engine, I noticed my serpentine belt was shiny and thus making an 'off' sound. So far she runs good but be careful with the resistor size. She is very temperamental but I have the tools to seduce her i.e. OBD II scanner.
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