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Full Version: malfunctioning sensors/computer?
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Does anyone know any way to check the functioning of the computer and the sensors in older vehicles? (Specifically, an 86 toyota forerunner, which has a 4 cylinder 22R engine, brand new).

The engine has an ongoing missing problem (fine at idle and high speeds), and after a lot of futzing around, it looks like it is one of the sensors or the computer itself. I've changed the O2 sensor.

Thanks, Mikaya
When did the problem start?

I'd check in at a Toyota forum. They're going to know more about problems specific to Toyotas.

Until you can get the engine to run properly I'd disconnect all hho or sensor mods you have have installed.
It started several thousand miles ago, before I installed any HHO stuff. I didn't recognise that it was missing until it got worse, and when I realized what it was, I immediately removed all the HHO stuff.

I replaced the O2 sensor, which has made the missing more regular. When I disconnected the O2 sensor and ran the engine, the CEL only came on for a few miles and then went off. That is one of the things that has made me suspect the computer.

Still using the original coil(s) and wires?
i have a 86 sr5 pickup 22r turbo if you put in new engine a few things to look out for and that is the plugs in to the fuel injectors are tight . make sure your TPS. is set right a little off will throw comp. off to check sen. and comp. there is a round plug next the coil with two wires i think plug is round you put a jumper wire there the timeing will drop about 5 deg. if all is ok with tps. at the same time you can check on board -comp. there there will be flashing CEL. check number of flashes for code .
and look under hood at night to see if plug wires are leaking and look to see if dist. cap is not craked .
Thanks, Firewheel.

A few questions: what is the TPS? Are you saying put a jumper wire from one side of the round plug (which I think is mounted on the side of the coil?) to the other side of the round plug? And if I do that the timing will change? And the CEL will come on, flashing?

The plugs, wires, rotor and cap all check out OK. Could be the coil, but it usually just dies altogether when it malfunctions.

I have also been told to check the fuel pressure with and without the pressure regulator. Where is the pressure regulator?

Thanks, Mikaya
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