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Full Version: hydrogen into electrity
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does any one know a easy way to do this

can it be done with out a proton exchange memberane?
yes. that is exactly what you need. Nafian, (spell check) is what you need. Its expensive, but price comming down big time due to new stuff comming on line. Its pretty simple to build, with a little research, you'll find bullet proof plans to build one. Remember though its called a FUEL CELL. A fuel cell produces electricity. For about 10K you could build yourself a self generating battery car, I believe. Or, build one to eliminate the alternator on your car, saving you gas mileage. Or, you could use a peltier or thermal generator, (same thing) and produce electricity by wraping them around your exhaust pipe. This idea will be fully implemented in all cars down the line, and some 2009 models (expensive bmws and such) will feature no alternator cars, getting the energy from thermal generators utilizing the exhaust as the heat source.
thanks guy!
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