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Full Version: Toyota ECU Wires
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I've got a 2007 Tacoma V6, I want to splice and tap my wires where the harness connects to the ECU. Here's a picture of the ECU pinout of the O2 sensors, I need help figuring which are the narrowbands and widebands

The front sensors are wideband o2 sensors. You'll need a wideband EFIE for those. The current pump (+) wires that you want are labelled A1A+ and A2A+. On your diagram they are called "A/F Sensors" which is another name for a wideband oxygen sensor. Toyota uses 4 wire widebands and calls them A/F Sensors.

The downstream sensors are narrow band and are called "Heated Oxygen Sensors". The signal wires for them are OX1B and OX2B.
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